Shellye Reeder(non-registered)
Hello from Georgia. Found your photo of the old Will T. Knox house in Social Circle. This morning I was watching a very old episode of In the Heat of the Night and thought to myself, hey that’s the street I grew up on back in middle to late 70’s. So I found the actual house and there was your nameand there was the name Wacht. I was one of your younger sisters childhood friends. My family lived at 358 W. Hightower. Those were the days, huh? You know I remember many weekend mornings walking up to your grandmothers home off Cherokee or a little street connecting to that. Your grandmother would make us fresh blueberry pancakes. Much simpler times back then. Wish my children could’ve experienced some of that. Anyway, hope your family is doing well. Your photos are beautiful!!
Ramazan Recber(non-registered)
Hi... This website very beautiful...
Nakliyat Yapanlar(non-registered)
Sweet website! Incredible! Very cool images!! Awesome pictures, Great photographer, Follow your dreams and keep up the great work. Looking forward to checking out your pictures and page. Congratulations achievements
Cally Cavallino(non-registered)
Really impressive. Nice work.
Dracheka Barrott(non-registered)
Amazing Work!
Tom Norton(non-registered)
Great photos all...
Maybe regrouping pics into more useable topics like "wildlife", commercial buildings, commercial products, insects, portraits and people, events, whimsical impressions to suggest a few! Once reorganized, focus on groups that share things in common. Maybe this will help narrow the wonderful field of photography! Tom
Anne Smith(non-registered)
Mike is an incredible photographer....he captures every detail...the colors are vivid....his photos are beautiful beyond belief.
Frankie Valentine-Ithier(non-registered)
Hello Mike
Thanks for sharing your work with me, very good pictures awesome job
Bill D.(non-registered)
Hey Mike you have great photos and I am glad that we are on Flickr
Brigitte Foreman(non-registered)
Great site, Mike. I'm inspired to look into getting one as well. Awesome photos.
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